Conversion Tables 1.2

Conversion Tables 1.2 is an application that provides the necessary support to convert some of the most common European measurement units (in metric system) in their equivalent from the British (Anglo-Saxon) system and vice versa. You can choose between 24 radio buttons, each representing a conversion.

To make conversions which have not assigned to radio buttons in the main window you should see the application menu, and from there, by selecting the type of conversion you can view the correspondence between the desired measurement units.
If you want to use the software for an unlimited period you should to purchase the registration code below.
Without this code, the software works only 14 days.

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Since this software is a shareware version, it will work only for 14 days. Before the deadline you should to purchase the registration code if you want to use the software for an unlimited period.

Downloading of the installation package is free of charge. You will receive a copy of this software in a zip file. All you need to do is to unzip the file to the desired location on your hard drive and then run the file UNPACK.EXE and follow the instructions.

Immediately after the PayPal payment you will get to download a file containing the registration code for the software that you have downloaded earlier for evaluation.

Save the recived file on disk, and then complete the registration form of the software with the received code.